What They're Saying About Our Show
Jerry Calvacca - Owner
Freedom Tool
"Not only is he our Entertainment Coordinator for all of our corporate parties he our #1 choice of Entertainers!"

Yana Schneerson
"He was the Top of our ladder at our Corporate Summer Fest"

Linda Dillman- Owner
Bernies Place
"The best party in Chicago Wrigleyville ever had!"

Tony Pellini- Monee Fest
"Awsome talent that never goes unnoticed in Monee year after year"

John & Linda Collins - Classique Talent/Productions
" A wonderful talent we are so proud to work with"

Joe Diamond - Entertainer/Songwriter
"Hey, this boy can also sing country"

D.J. Fontana - Drummer For Elvis Presley
"It's a pleasure to sit in with the Tony Bernard Show whenever I get a chance"

Jim Vest-J.M.V. Music/Record Producer
"Has without a doubt, superstar quality"

Dick Biondi-Chicago Radio Personality From Oldies 104FM
"Man you have a great show, where have you been hiding"

Monte' Productions
"An absolute honor to work with, he is the Wayne Newton of this era"